Payment information

Currently we accept only bitcoin as form of payment. In case you know How to use bitcoin here is our address below. All bitcoin purchases now are 10% cheaper than the price listed on the site. Bitcoin transfer fee is paid by the customer. We already did our part of reducing the price.


Buy Straight Bitcoin With Credit Card And Send Direct To Our Address Click Here

The Above method is for transactions under 1000 USD. Otherwise you can charge multiple times the same card in case your order is bigger than 1000 USD.  Simply enter our bitcoin address in the field and the amount of your order and purchase the bitcoin. The funds then will arrive in our address.

In case you are beginner and you don’t know to use bitcoin then follow the guides below

MyCelium Wallet Purchase Guide

(allows payments Up to 5000$ Daily and you can use your visa or mastercard to puchase bitcoins and then send them to us.

If you want to know how to buy bitcoins with cash and to don’t use credit card please use and find a trader near you and buy the coins with cash and then send to us. Its a bit more complicated but your transaction wont show nowhere but on your anonymous bitcoin wallet.

For more info regarding bitcoin usage and privacy and anonymity please visit


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