How To Order

Hey there friends.. if you are interested in our products and you want to purchase from us the this is quite simple.

  1. Browse our products page, and navigate to the appropriate list of products. We have products such as CannabinoidsStimulantsSedatives,PsychedelicsEmpathogensDissociativesNootropics. Alternative use the search box above.
  2. Choose your favourite chemical, decide what quantity you want to order and then use this form to contact us.
  3. Once you decide and you send as an email thru the contact form, Sarah will provide you with payment details.
  4. Once you complete the payment then you need to complete this purchase form here or send as an email with all details.
  5. After completing the purchase form or receiving your email, Sarah will receive your info, pick up the funds and confirm availability of the funds.
  6. Sarah will email you that funds was or wan’t successfully picked up.
  7. In case the funds was successfully received in 24-48 hours she will provide tracking number.